Mizani Miracle Length Hairline and Root Stimulator 90ml leaves you with healthier, stronger, and fuller hair within just 3 months. You’re left with a fresh, clean, healthy scalp that’s less sensitive, less dry, and less itchy.

For Fuller looking hair in just 3 months. Use the product if you have the following signs:

  • Moderate to heavy hair loss from extensions, braids and other styling methods that exert tension on your hair.
  • Your scalp is still visible, even with styling efforts.
  • Your hairline is noticeably receding (and you’ve probably been on the lookout for new hairstyles for a receding hairline).
  • Your hair falls out easily when brushing, and there is a considerable amount of hair collecting on pillows and towels.
  • Your hair doesn’t retain style or is difficult to maintain volume.
  • Your hair is fragile and breaks off easily.