About this item

  • 💖 SCRUB IT AWAY: If you are looking to reduce the appearance of Dark Spots and restore an even healthy skin tone, this natural skin brightening soap is the solution, Fair and White Soap helps to scrub away dryness for a smooth and clean skin.
  • 💖 PREMIUM QUALITY : Fair and White developed a very effective formula than can help to safely target: Skin Discolouration, on different areas of your body such as: Face, Knuckles, bikini area, and arms. This gentle cleansing bar delicately exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving skin feeling refreshed and clean. Creamy foaming action regenerates skin as it softens, revealing instant glowing skin.
  • 💖 REFRESHING FEELING: This bath soap has a lovely sweet scent which makes it ideal for daily use. It is suitable for oily, dry, combination or sensitive skin type. Thanks to its powerful formula and the infusion with Palm Kernel, Apricot and Glycerin, this gentle exfoliator helps to target Acne, Dark Spots, and Hyperpigmentation concerns, while keeping your skin supple and moisturized
  • 💖 MAXIMIZE THE BENEFITS: Form a rich lather between hands and apply to face and body as needed. Do not use exfoliating soap on face more than 2 times a week, allowing 3-4 days between uses. Follow up with So White Body Lotion, So White Serum and So White Cream
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